April 4, 2016

If the tingles and joy we feel are any indication, this is akin to being named in the Academy Awards! Highly esteemed bookblogger, Jorie Loves A Story,  known for her thorough, thoughtful and honest book reviews has just released her End of Year Reading Survey. Categories are numbered.


  1. Best Non Fiction ~Memoir~ 3,000 Miles To Eternity: A True Internet Love Story

15. Best Debut Novel ~Non Fiction~ 3,000 Miles To Eternity: A True Internet Love Story

7. *Books from a genre you don’t typically read / was out of your comfort zone ~Memoir~        3,000 Miles To Eternity: A True Internet Love Story 

*Her generous praise included, “…It’s a story that champions love, faith, and hope – it’s a book everyone should read who loves happy endings but want to know what happens ‘in between’ the HEA! … I truly loved every inch of this story and the heart of their message.”

Please note, Jorie read 130+ books last year. You can read Jorie’s original review here.

We would like to thank Jorie for her intuitive and painstakingly detailed review of our book, and now for this wonderful and unexpected honor. We truly appreciate it. And there’s no wiping the smiles off our faces today!

~Selena & Duane

November 15, 2015

Our book has been selected for inclusion in The Exponent for its Book Review Series and Cyber Monday Giveaway!! If you’d love a chance to win our book or any of the others featured in this exclusive event, check out The Exponent! This could be you…3,000 Miles To Eternity surprised woman reading the book

Update April 4, 2016  We still anxiously await this review, as we have been told the volunteer reviewer has had a lot of ‘life’ happening and getting in the way of this review. Not sure if a copy was given away in November or if that will follow the review. Oh, the anticipation!!

July 4 – 17, 2015

3000 Miles blog tour UPDATED

A blog tour is a virtual book tour where bloggers from all over read and review books on scheduled dates.  We’d like to thank all those who have agreed to participate in ours and invite readers to visit their websites.  You can read them all on Tweets & Reviews.

3,000 Miles To Eternity partial bookmark and rose vertical

4 July  Lisa from Texas 

5 July   Krystal from Illinois

6 July   Debs from Suffolk, England – Q&A Spotlight

7 July   Cathy from Utah

10 July  Melanie from Utah

12 July   Marjorie from Florida

14 July   Emily from California

17 July   Sheila from Utah

Outside blog tour  Susan from Arizona


Duane & Selena Pannell Book Launch at Uintah County Library
Book Launch @ Uintah County Library

The book launch was great fun, well-attended and a success, according to the librarian who organized the party.

A huge thank you to Melinda Barlow of the Uintah County Library for organizing such a spectacular and fun book launch for us.

Many thanks also to everyone who shared this special event with us, some of whom drove five hours to attend!.  Memories to last a lifetime!!  Read more about it in the Vernal Express.

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